Credible and reliable information on Road statistics In association with Road Users Alliance
Credible and reliable information on Road statistics In association with Road Users Alliance

About Road File

Welcome to RoadFile!

RoadFile aims to provide an unbiased compilation of road and transport related data to help promote a better understanding of the UK’s transport infrastructure.

RoadFile collates key data under common themes to help you find the information you need to inform or support your own particular road or transport interests.

Each section draws upon the most up-to-date information and publications available from a wide range of official sources including, among many others, the Department for Transport, Her Majesty’s Treasury, and the European Commission.  Through this variety of centrally available information, RoadFile hopes to instil a better understanding of the state of the UK’s roads.

We encourage you to use the information you find here to support your own initiatives and to share information you have that may assist to further develop RoadFile .

We look forward to hearing your views!

About RoadFile content

This is your source for credible and reliable information on road statistics.

The aim of Roadfile is to provide valuable knowledge for all road users, which supports the important role the road network plays in both our society and economy and the need to maintain and develop better roads for all.

The data collected represents an overview of the current situation for key common issues related to roads and is presented in eight user friendly searchable chapters. The data contained in each chapter is updated annually or more frequently depending on the timeline of the source reference.

European figures are provided to compare related statistics on the United Kingdom. All figures are converted into miles unless a calculation is presented in the original data, in which case, a conversion would have harmed the integrity of the data.

Figures in Euros were not converted in the interest of maintaining the integrity of the data, as currencies fluctuate and data releases may be dated.

Some figures may be presented in “millions” or “billions”, if so it will be labelled such. “billion” in every instance refers to one-thousand million. When possible, regional and country breakdowns are given.

Some Abbreviations Used:

bvm: billion passenger miles
CO2: Carbon dioxide
CO: Carbon monoxide
EU-27: European Union, 27 states
g/km: grammes per kilometre
GDHI: gross domestic household income
GDP: gross domestic product
GVA: gross value added
NOx: nitrogen oxide
PM10: particulate matter
VAT: value added tax
VED: vehicle excise duty

Terms Used:

In the context of funding:

capital: for network developments
resource: for maintenance

In the context of freight volume:

goods lifted:  weight of goods handled, excluding distance
goods moved: weight of goods handled, multiplied by distance

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