Credible and reliable information on Road statistics In association with Road Users Alliance
Credible and reliable information on Road statistics In association with Road Users Alliance

Road User Charging 2014

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This section presents some examples of additional ways in which road users are charged directly for their use of the network – from public transport to tolling and congestion charging. (For comparison with that spent on road maintenance see ‘Funding’ section).


Average Excess Travel Rate in London
Year: 2002-2011
(minutes per km)

Source: Travel in London, TfL, 2010 & 2011

Figures prior to January 2011 represent congestion in the original Central London Charging Zone during charging hours. The charge was introduced February 2003.


London Congestion Charging Financial Performance
Year: 2003-2013

Net income

Source: TfL Annual Report & Statement of Accounts, 2012 & 2013

The London Congestion Zone has decreased in size as of January 2011 to exclude areas West of Hyde Park. The charge was introduced February 2003.


Money Raised by Road Tolls in Europe
Year: 2012
(Euro millions)

Source: ERF 2013

Each country manages their own tolling and road network. Miles of toll roads per country was not centrally available at time of publication.


Road Toll Schemes, Revenue, and Decrease in Road Revenue
Year: 2012

Country / type of toll
Toll fees for medium-sized cars
Conditions of charge represented
Total revenue from tolls£56.27 MillionFor 2010
EnglandBridge / tunnelAldwark Bridge£0.40One way
Batheaston Bridge£0.50One way
Cartford Bridge£0.40One way
Clifton Suspension Bridge£0.50One way
Dartford River Crossing£2.00One way
Dunham Bridge£0.30One way
Humber Bridge£3.00Round-trip
Itchen Bridge£0.60Peak, one way
Middlesbrough£1.20One way
Mersey Tunnels (Kingsway & Queensway)£1.40One way
Rixton & Warburton Bridge£0.12One way
Severn River Crossings£6.20One way
Shrewsberry (Kingsland) Bridge£0.20One way
Swinford Bridge£0.05One way
Tamar Bridge / Torpoint Ferry£1.50One way
Tyne Tunnel£1.20One way
Warburton Bridge£0.12One way
Whitechurch Bridge£0.40One way
Whitney on Wye Bridge£0.80One way
Other tollsBournemouth-Swanage Motor Road£3.50One way
Central London Congestion Charge£10.00From 07:00 - 18:00 on weekdays, daily charge for unlimited trips in / out of the zone
Dartmouth-Kingswear Floating Bridge£4.70One way
Durham Peninsula Charge Zone£2.0010:00 - 16:00, Mon - Sat except Bank Holidays
M6£5.30At main toll plaza Mon - Fri, day charge
ScotlandAll tolls abolished in 2008 via 'The Abolition of Bridge Tolls (Scotland) Act'
WalesCleddau Bridge£0.75One way
Newport Bridge£0.50One way
Penrhyndeudraeth Bridge£0.40One way

Source: DFT 2012, European Commission 2011, AA 2012

This table presents tolls in the UK. There is a total of 25 road and bridge tolls, as of January 2013. Total revenue per toll was not available as tolls are privately managed, this breakdown is not centrally available.  All toll charges are variable depending on vehicle type and time of day.


GB Revenue from Bus Passengers
Year: 2012-2013
(£millions / passengers, millions)

Region / Country
Bus revenue
Number of bus
Great Britain£6,3025,130
English metropolitan areas£1,2981,002
English non-metropolitan areas£2,1511,282

Source: DFT 2013


Road vs. Rail: Cost of Pedestrian Transit
Year: 2012-2013

Transit mode
Typical journey fare adult single
Total revenue
Passenger miles travelled
Total revenue / passenger mile
Rail & UndergroundNational Rail1,503▪ £5.60 (peak) Victoria - Croydon ▪ £25.10 (peak) Victoria - Brighton£7,70735,278£0.20
London Underground1,229£2.80 peak zones 1 - 2£2,9586,275£0.47
Glasgow Subway12.6£1.40 central£14.525£0.58
Light rail & tramFirst Gen Trams only Blackpool4£2.00 central£1.72.1£0.81
Light rail & modern trams All219£2.31 average£233.6822.6£0.28
Public busesLocal buses5,130£1.43 GB average£6,30217,600£0.36

Source: DFT 2013, TFL 2013

Total subsidies and grants for National Rail are 7.5 pence per passenger mile, while subsidies for buses came to 9.2 pence per journey in the 2011 / 2012 fiscal year. Buses account for 30% of all passenger miles travelled.

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